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KIDS READ, READ, READ to fund school goals

Partner with students to support great reading!

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Kids Read, We Celebrate!

Did you know that the typical adult in America only reads 4 books a year?

At AcademyACL, our students ask, "How can that be?!"

We're raising great readers, and you can join us.

Picture this: kids lined up and down the hall... in the gym... on the floors of classrooms and in camping chairs... kids in sleeping bags and curled up with parents... teachers sharing their favorite books and acting out Dr. Seuss... Reading, Reading, Reading.

Our 9th Annual Readathon is here!

This is our students' NUMBER ONE favorite event of the year, and it's our only all-school fundraiser. It is separate from the great work our PTO ("PAACL") does on various projects. We have even seen graduates of our school post about the Readathon with nostalgia on social media, and some of them come back to join the fun each year.

On November 2, 2018 at 8:00am, students begin reading at school: listening to books out loud, reading their own, reading with partners, listening to audio books. Teachers, students, adults and community members begin tracking how many pages they can read begin that time and 8:00pm on Sunday night, November 4, 2018.

Students also try to find community sponsors who will celebrate their reading with them. Their goal: 10 sponsors for $10 each. They get to reach out into our community and share all the good things they're doing at school, and they CELEBRATE READING.

She's read books by air, by land, by sea...

This year, where will she be?

For even more fun, our Director accepts some sort of challenge from the students, that if they meet a fundraising goal before the event even starts, she'll do something outlandish on Readathon day. She has read in the glass awards case all day, read on the roof of the school (in the rain, and with a teacher, too!), read on live horseback, and read in a pool... or a dunk tank, to be precise.

THIS YEAR, the NEW CHALLENGE is to READ ON ROLLERSKATES. Mrs. Myers will need to "read on rollerskates" or rollerblades on Readathon day if students meet their fundraising deadline by midnight, October 31.

Stay tuned for their progress, join the fun, and help students find sponsors who want to read, read, read, too. Count your own reading pages that weekend, and log them so that we can see how much reading we accomplished that weekend! Contact for the log.

School Goals

For the past two years, our students have worked towards funding a beautiful new, natural playground called Forest Green. There are a few remaining parts that they want to add, and they are setting new goals with the school director for other ways to enhance opportunities for students across the school. One of those goals is to support our award-winning Robotics team on its road to regionals. You may choose to fund the general Readathon Challenge with several goals to be announced soon, or to designate for the Robotics team, specifically. Robotics also has its own community page for fundraising, available at

Please indicate the student or group of students you want to support with your sponsorship! Any amount helps.

AcademyACL is a free, nonprofit charter public school, and donations are tax-deductible.

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