Finish a Great New Playground, and Support Kids Reading!

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Lots of Reading, a Great New Playground, and a Tax-Deduction. Join the Fun and Support Kids Reading.

The Best Event of the Year. The 8th Annual Readathon.

The Readathon begins with the last breath of September. Kids read as many pages as they can from 8am on Friday to 8pm on Sunday. They compete and challenge each other for the most pages, and they compete to find sponsors and challenge their Director to do some wild reading of her own if they meet the challenge goal for funds raised from sponsors. Director Myers has read books while sitting in the trophy case all day, read books on the roof of the school, and read a book on the back of a horse for three hours... what will this year's challenge be?!

This year, we continue work on a new and beautiful natural playground for our kids and our neighborhood to enjoy. The money that students raise, and the partnership from our community members who celebrate reading with us, allows us to accomplish great things for kids beyond our regular budget funds as a free charter public school. Hills, trees, a slide, an outdoor classroom, a climbing wall, a gaga-ball-pit... there is so much fun coming soon.

We are also thinking of other kids across our country who need books and a sense of normalcy, too. Our hearts go out to kids in fires and floods this fall, and we have found one small way we can help. Ten percent of our total donations will go towards getting books for kids in Houston, Texas. We are getting the details from an organization in Houston, Texas that has been working book drives since 2012 to get books into the homes of kids in need. Now with the flooding, their work is even more important. After the food and the shelter and the clothes have arrived, and the rebuilding has begun... there are still kids in families that are trying to put their lives back together and feel 'normal' again.

"That's a great idea... because books can help you escape when you need it." -7th grade student

Our students love to read, with our Readathon being one of their top favorite highlights every year. And our students love to help. Many have wondered what their part can be. Readathon 2017 gives us a great chance to celebrate both. Our students know that books can take you to new places, and that sometimes in a crisis, kids need to curl up and read. So our 10% is one small way that we can show support for other kids and their need for books, too.

We invite you to join the fun.

Sponsor a student, for any amount. Each dollar adds up. Write the name of a student, or several students, into the "Honor Someone" box. If you'd like to sponsor a student who does not have any sponsor support, write "Student in Need", and our office will match a student with your donation.

Read! See just how many pages you can read in a weekend, too.

September 29, 2017: We Read.

Donations are tax-deductible. Books are windows to new worlds. Join the fun!

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